About Us

Welcome to Kidster! A great place to keep track of your chores! 

Kidster is a website built for helping parents and kids keep track of the household chores. Our website provides you with the necessary tools to engage your daily chore planning activities with your kids and the best part is that all this makes work fun. This provides you with an extra opportunity to engage your kids in productive activities around the house helping you every day. And this isn’t just another meaningless activity with your kids; the parents are prone to award every kid on a job well done when they complete every chore. Positive re-enforcement is a positive motivational tool when it comes to things like chores. You can mix things up or create a completely new system of how you’ll end up assigning the chores to the kids and that’s where we come in. We can help you co-ordinate how you can successfully finish up one day’s work with your children by following just 4 easy steps:

  1. Register for the Website
  2. Add single or multiple children to your profile
  3. Assign them to their chores
  4. Put them to work!

    We also provide chore charts and household chore calendars to get you started. We here at Kidster not only understand but have applied the same system at our homes. Gaining a positive feedback we chose to create a way to share our experience. We also like to convey how this will help your children. By completing the chores on time a child learns about responsibility and liability. By helping your children out you make up a pretty good family effort and this isn’t all. Of course they’ll grow up and go to college. This here is the initial training you will be giving them on how to be responsible and capable. So join now and experience the life you’ll be leading for your children by managing and checking the chores around the house with kidster.net.

    Thank you!

    The Kidster Staff